Saturday, 21 April 2012

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Today is a landmark day for me, I just received my first commission, WOOHOO!!  I'm very excited.  I have set up a facebook page to help get the word out and I got a call this morning for my first order.  I should say it's from my lovely Aunt in New Zealand, I am super excited to create something beautiful for her home and very grateful to her for wanting me to do it.

So for the next while I will be working on bibs and table runners for my order, I'll be doing the runners in postage stamp patchwork and the bibs simply in single gorgeous fabrics.  I'm over the moon and I hope my Aunt will love what I create for her.

My gorgeous Orchid flowering (sorry I don't know it's name)

I did a few hours yesterday at our local Meals on Wheels kitchen, it's so much fun.  It's the first time in 3 years I've been able to "do work".  I tried it for 4 hours last month but it was a little too much for me yet so now I'm sticking with 2 hours every 3 weeks. 

It's so brilliant to be able to make those kind of statements when this time last year I was struggling to "do" anything.  My rehab specialist from Active Health Clinic has changed my life, he gave it back to me and it's such an amazing feeling.  To go from being ruled by an illness and uncertainty to knowing I can say yes to invites without having to add the disclaimer of "depending on how I'm doing" is liberating and a ray of sunshine.  The only way is UP baby!

I hope you're having a happy sunshiny day too!


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