Friday, 13 April 2012

Birthday Presents and Vintage Fabrics

Hi again,

Well my hand is doing really well I'm so shocked by the lack of discomfort and very happy about that so back into the sewing room this afternoon, Yay.

I have to show you these gorgeous vintage fabrics I found at my local Op shop yesterday I was so excited.  They're only small pieces but at 50c each I was extremely happy.

How adorable is the little girl with her puppy!?  An I just love Mickey Mouse and his friends, these will have to be put away until I find something suitably Kitch to make for them.

Recently I made some pressies for my Sisters for their birthdays (they are a week apart in date).  SO after racking my brain to come up with ideas, I decided to make a shoe bag for Miss J who is really enjoying going jogging.  That way if her sneakers get muddy she can keep the car, or her gym bag clean.  I used a vintage fabric, it's so colourful and happy and a kiddies raincoat to line it to make it waterproof.  I really love the finished look.

boxy pouch

boxy Pouch

I based the pattern on the tutorial from threebears.  I enlarged it (quite a bit) and added the lining, and from the feedback from Miss J she is very happy with the result, yay.  I always hold my breath a bit when I send a present off, you know, what if they don't like it as much as I do? so it's always a thrill to get positive feedback.

For Miss M's birthday I found this tutorial for a clutch purse and just knew it would look great in the Amy Butler soul blossom fabric I had (deepwater, temple doors).  I lined it with some bright pink candy striped fabric I had from spotlight.  I felt like it needed something more so I used dognamedbanjo's pattern for an Iphone pouch and wola a lovely little gift set.

I love the way these turned out, and happily so did Miss M, more positive feedback Yay!!

It's so much fun making presents for people you love and so much relief when they love them to ;).

Now I'm off to get stuck into my project for the Feather Your Nest sew along/competition.

Here's to you enjoying this fine Autumn (or spring depending on your location) day :)




  1. oooh! Loving the fabric! :) I'm going to have to buy online if at all, coz I'm far faaar away from those stores you suggested earlier! :P
    and btw, loving the shoe bag... (though i don't think I'd have the heart to soil it with my dirty shoes..!) :)

    1. Thanks CP, I don't live close to any fabric stores either so I do ALOT of online shopping for fabrics and every now and then when I make it into the "bigsmoke" I go to the bigger retail fabric stores. Shopping online is great fun and it's always exciting when your package finally arrives :)